Saturday, June 22, 2013

8 Miles

Just did my first 8 mile run of summer. Hopefully I'm getting rid of all that Chinese food I ate last night. Yikes! I feasted.

Okay, so it's the slim-down summer.
Starting weight: 111.0 pounds.
Goal weight:  100 pounds.
     Arm:  9.5 inches (goal 8)
     Waist:  25 inches (goal 22)
     Hips/Bum:  35 inches (goal 33)
     Thigh:  21 inches (goal 18)

None of that is unreachable, nor is it excessive or unhealthy. So the plan is: run, swim, starve.  Good plan.

I'll post tonight with total caloric intake and exercise, although I've already run, so chances are I'm not doing anything else.

I mean, look at Keira Knightly, that's just absolute perfection right there.

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