Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hooray for Ed Markey!

Yeah, we are taking this state back to the entire blue. Pretty soon we're all just going to be smurfs. I'm excited about the possibility of having DOMA deemed unconstitutional today. I hope (and believe) that the Supreme Court will do the right thing. This is an obvious no-brainer to me, but there are people all over this country who refuse to use their brains on this and are keeping us from moving forward. If you think about it, follow the breadcrumbs, there is no LOGICAL argument against gay marriage. All of their arguments just boil down to God says no. Well, first off, I don't recall God having a press conference recently. The bible was written by people, not God. And lastly, let's just for fun pretend that God is real and he/she/it doesn't want gay people to marry. Well, God can vote... just after he become a citizen. Otherwise, I'm standing by my fellow man and supporting them.

Today: cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen. Debating running this morning, probably will not. I just feel gross from the cleaning products.

Watching Pretty Wild. It's pretty ridiculous. Love trashy reality drama.

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