Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hooray for stress

If there's a better weight loss system than being completely stressed out over nonsense that you didn't start, can't end and have NO power over, then let me know. I am finally at goal weight for the week, 108.  Hoorah.

So where's the stress coming from you ask? Work. A student failed my class. He wrote a pretty terrible final research paper, and I gave it a 68. Which was generous. More than generous. This brought his grade up to a 59.49. So I immediately smiled, breathed a sigh of relief and thought, hooray! I can make this a 60 and he gets a D- and off he goes. Yeah.

Wrong. My administrator decided that the 59.49 stands and this student fails and he now doesn't pass English and he's not graduating high school. Yup. So I get to explain this to the parents that he failed my class. Sucks. But here's my real problem. Why in God's name are we doing this? His parents have been in my classroom, on my phone, up my ass about how their child's future is destroyed by my actions. Uhm, slight correction, but your son's actions and my administrator's desire to watch your kid crash and burn. Motherfucker!

So now we are all having a meeting where they are bringing another a student who "helped" him with his paper to talk about how I set him up, I made him fail by lying about how it was good only to grade it tougher. Yippie. My fucking life fucking sucks like fucking crazy.

If an administrator ever walks into your room, whatever you do, DON'T tell them SHIT!

Dinner: eggie in a basket, single egg with yoke on toasted bread with margarine. Fell out of me immediately. Probably won't keep much in me for days... this is going to drag on for ever, I can just feel it.

Tomorrow is an interview at a closer school... wish me luck.

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