Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anorexic Foodie Strikes again!

Okay, so this is a pathetic first blog on food. No one who is actually a foodie would care, or rather, would DARE to eat these. But I just tried the Morning Star Asian Burger Patty, and it's actually not bad.

Meal:  Whole wheat bun, Asian Veggie patty, lettuce, slice of beef tomato, three slices onion (rings) muenster cheese.
Side: carrots with a little drizzle of ranch dressing.
Drink: Ginger ale, heavily iced.

Calorie counter (because this is, after all, the ANOREXIC Foodie):
Morning Star Asian Veg Patty: 100
Whole wheat bun: 130
One slice of Muenster cheese: 103
one leaf of Boston Curly Lettuce: 7
Slice of Beef Tomato:  10
10 baby carrots:  88
2 tbsp drizzle of Ranch dressing:  140 (WTF!)

Total for meal: 578...  well, that's not as bad as I was afraid, but still more than what I would eat in an entire day normally. Overall it was worth the cals. I would not do it twice in one sitting, which I did making my total eat count over 1100. Yuck. But I feel good and feel pretty happy about what I ate. Since it was almost entirely veg I think it was a good food investment.

Critique: the patties are tasty, but the taste is obviously coming from the fragrance more than the flavour. However, as I live in America I can't expect to eat anything that has not been chemically altered from it's natural state.

Final thought: since I'm going to finish this blog fast to get another, it has to be a favourable review. I recommend these to anyone sick of eating a burger and feeling like a sick greasy oil spot on the couch. I ate it, thought about it for a while and noticed that I'm not tired, or sad, or my tummy isn't upset and my face doesn't feel dirty. I don't want to brush my teeth until I throw up, so yup, this must be a pretty darned good fake-burger.

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