Sunday, June 23, 2013

One day work week

Tomorrow is my last day of work, but thankfully NOT my last day of teaching.
Suicide is on hold. Anorexia is back on track.
Today's weigh in: 114. WTF!
I know that it's hot, and humid and that means I'll be retaining water. I know that I ran which means my body is going to have to adjust my metabolism. Both of those will make me gain weight, but lose inches. I know this. But this summer is going to be lose ten pounds zone.

Food for today:
2 bowls of Frosted Flakes with milk
1 veg sushi platter
2 cookies
1 tuna salad role
1/2 apple

Been drinking a lot of water. Might be on my 10th glass to be honest. Which is probably why I'm 114. I've got to stay off the scale to keep myself happy.  Just went shopping for cute new summer clothing and I'm a size 2 or 0, so I can't be fat. Tommy H doesn't make clothes for fat girls.

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