Monday, June 10, 2013

Feeling blue

So it's a rainy damned day. I'm still miffed about my student not getting to graduate. A student I talked into coming back to school has decided to not come back and just flunk out. I had to make a series of additional work for the student who didn't graduate. And, oh yeah, I'm still laid off.  I'm waiting to hear from Gardner High School, I'm hopeful, but terrified.

108. I'm up from the 105. Hooray. I had gotten up to 110 last night but some of it came off during the night and at work. I'm having my period, so I'm worried that about 3 to 4 pounds of this is bloat.

It's funny, I would have been thrilled to be this weight, but now that I had to go through all that stress to get here, I can see it wasn't worth it. I'm fortunate in that I figured that out.

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