Monday, June 3, 2013

Pesto Feta Individual Pizzas

So I just made up the second dinner tonight.

Flatbread with a generous helping of pesto spread out to the edges and then sprinkled with large chucked feta cheese. Served with apple slices for a side.

Yum. The pesto is pretty darned good but a little tangy to be honest. Smelled better than tasted. There's just a weird sweet tangy underbite to it. So I don't know. The feta is typical hannaford's fare, very yummy. The flatbread is just flatbread, so there's nothing amazing there.

Overall, I recommend this meal. It's good.

Cal count:
apple: 40 cals (only had half)
bread: 100 cals
pesto: 46 cals
feta: 60 cals.

Total:   246... DAMN!

Now that I've done the math, this TOTALLY worth the cals!

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