Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day off

Ran yesterday: good run but it began to rain and I'm terrified of breaking my ankle on a run so I turned around and ran back. Got about 5 miles down. Still not that bad.

Food intake: Made a delicious wrap!  Hummus Tabouleh Cucumber wrap.
Take a spinach wrap and spread a generous amount of hummus on it (I used roasted eggplant) then spread a generous amount of tabouleh all over it. Cut Cucumber into two inch thin spears and roll that bad larry up.  Now, I had planned to put some Gorgonzola cheese in it, but forgot. It was great without the cheese and I'm not interested in trying it with the cheese. So I'm hopeful that I can use it in a pasta salad.

I'm at 110.8  Finally coming down!
I'm pretty confident that if I keep up the running, and keep up eating right and less I'll hit 100 by the end of summer. 10 pounds over two months is possible. It's just hard because I'm already at an ideal weight and I'm trying to run myself down to below BMI.

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