Thursday, July 18, 2013

no running

Had to take today off. First: far too hot to run; Second: my legs are far too tired to take any more abuse. I woke up and just felt like I could die I was so tired. Dropped off the car to be repaired and then came home. Been a little snaky today but I can see my body tightening up and trimming down.... and best news of all I'm at 110. Hooray! So 110 of muscle must look like 100!

Sitting in an air conditioned room, very happy and cool. Oh god, it's such a blessing. This summer has been easily the worst I can remember. I'm going to take all of today off, and try to run tomorrow. If I get up early enough I can do it.  Five miles at least, six since I took a day off.

Heat breaks on Saturday/Sunday. Thank you universe!

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