Friday, July 19, 2013

Back to running

It didn't feel as bad as yesterday this morning so I ran. I was smart about it this time and held back. I only ran 3 miles then walked the 4th. Feeling pretty good about it.  Had my little black-swan lunch after a nice cold shower. Now I have to go out into the heat and get some chores done.

It's birthdays at the homestead this Sunday. Me, mum, James, and Becky are all turning older on Sunday. None of our actual birthdays are on that day, it's just more efficient to do it this way, and frankly none of us ever cared enough. It's just fun to get together and eat cake... and know that you only have to worry about the ONE cake.

I'm thinking I should get Becky a cast iron skillet. I think that's a good gift. She likes to bake and cook, she's really cool and into home made stuff. So a cast iron skillet and maybe I can put together a breadcrumb mix for great fried chicken. There was an amazing recipe book from TX (yeah I know something good came from texas, I was shocked too) at the library (yeah, equally weird). It had a couple of good recipes for fried chicken.

I just got a cast iron skillet and I want to make as many pieces of fried anything this summer. I'm running and I can see how I'm skinnier already, so it's time to celebrate with yummy friend food.  Also, I think corn bread can be made that way... but that just seems wrong.

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