Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quiltin' in the SummahTime!

So I started a quilt for my brother and sister-in-law yesterday. Made a lot of progress and am pretty happy with how it looks. I got the material from Joann's Fabrics. It came in one of those packet of swatches deal and I bought another of just blue solids to make the border.  I used a diamond cut out for the pattern and put it together on a cork board last night. Of course I was watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship as I worked. Feeling very middle-earthy lately.

Ran today. I'm a little bummed out. I'm up to 114. But that's the muscle gain and I'm trying to keep that in mind as I have to keep pulling my shorts up. I am going to be a little more aware of the food I eat. Two days ago I had a pizza to celebrate the end of the horrid hot weather. Then yesterday I ate an entire package (small) of Twizzlers.  GRRR!

Here are some pics:

Close up of the material.
 Spread pinned out on the corkboard.
 Pinned out and upright.
 pinned together from behind and ready to stitch closed.

I'm thinking of making something funnier for my brother James:

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