Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Resisting the urge to look

I'm avoiding the scale. I haven't been eating bad. Maybe a little bad. I had a lovely moz. tomato and basil open faced sandwich for dinner last night. Today was much better.
Two bowls of cereal (special K) fruit salad toast. That's it. Very proud.
Also took five laxatives and I've been actively downing water like a demon.
But still I feel so damned bloated thanks to the heat (and the cheese in the sandwich).

Took today off from running, had to put the car into the dealership to get the touch-screen radio looked at. They plan to fix it next week. Have you ever driven a car with no radio... ugh.

Running tomorrow. Tonight was the first ballet class. Loved it! I'm a little vain, and I'll admit I look so slim next to these other girls. I cannot believe how BIG some "dancers" get. I mean. Wow. Just Wow. I would say that other than the teacher I'm the only healthy BMI in the room. And I'm on the lower end of my BMI.

I overheard her offer pointe to another girl, so I'm now determined to get into this as well. That's my goal. Well that and hitting 100 pounds by the end of the summer.

Natalie Portman here I come. If I can just get the fat off. Why do I keep gaining weight? This sucks.

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