Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pacific Rim

Is exactly what you'd expect. Terrible. But I was thoroughly entertained.  I got to sit in an air-conditioned room and was treated to rock-em-sock-em robots versus monsters. Yeah, silly but you know what, every once in a while you need a little silly in your life.

I made a lovely bright and yummy pasta salad.  Great for a treat when you have been running all week.  I did get six miles in both yesterday and today, so I feel justified in eating pasta salad. Not sure what the cal count is, not sure I WANT to know!

Recipe:  Greek Pasta Salad
1 bag of colorful bowtie pasta (bring to boil then set aside to get to room temp)
1 jar of banana peppers (drained)
1 jar roasted red peppers (drained)
1 jar of Greek salad dressing (I like that stuff with the blue cover because it's got a nice bite to it)
1 container feta cheese
1 bag of stir-fry pre-washed veg (usually includes broccoli flourets, carrots snow peas)

As I wrote, you boil the pasta until nice and tender, use a fork to test and use a big wooden spoon to separate.  Drain thoroughly, then set aside. I like to put a little EVOO and sprinkle with garlic salt and basil (dried leaves).  Put is aside until room temp, test by waving hand over it.

Put in your jars of peppers and greek dressing. mix mix mix.  Yum yum yum.

Put in the fridge and let it cool over night (or go see a movie... whatever, passage of time.)

Put in veg and cheese.  I like to put it into a big tupperware container and just shake the hell out of it. Stirring is for fools!

Serve this with a nicely sliced up apple, a few baby dill kosher pickles, and handful of nuts for protein. Crazy good with lemonade in a frosty mug, or just ice water.  Yum!

So that's the food from the Anorexic foodie. Enjoy. Then starve for a week. Because I'm still at 112 and feel crazy fat, but that's the weather and that I'm running. Gaining muscle is the WORST! I don't see how these body builders handle it because I look at my legs and get ready to cry or kill myself.

Tap dancing tonight. I haven't practiced but it's just too damned hot to put on tap shoes and start jumping around. Tomorrow is ballet. I like both of them.  Thinking tomorrow I might go swimming instead of running. Or just do both, IDK.

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