Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starving day four!

Doing well. I can feel my stomach slowly beginning to just not care about food.

Breakfast: Tea
Lunch: Apple, 10 baby carrots, non-fat yogurt
Dinner: Tea, apple danish
Snack: Tea, toast with margarine

Hooray for not eating! I'm still 109 right now, but my tummy shrunk 2 inches, 23 inch waist! I'm hoping to get the fat off my thighs by summer. I'd like a nice slim 18 inch (or less) thigh to make a pretty pretty body. My arms looked a little dumpy in the shower this morning. I'm going to run this weekend, and I'll do some yoga to get my middle trim. I'd like to see some more bones there... bones are sexy! My clavical is looking so sharp I could poke someone's eye out. Skinny is happy.

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