Saturday, February 23, 2013

109 is just fine

Well, I'm not going to get the last 10 off this week... nor will I get the first five... but there are two reasons. One - I didn't stick to my diet at all. I didn't over eat, and I didn't go crazy with treats or sweets or anything like that. But I didn't force myself to eat less. I'll do that beginning next week, it's easier to eat less when I'm working. Two - I got my period and I always bloat up a few pounds then. Oddly, I didn't get the usual knee cramps or insane mood swings this time. Maybe with the new weight and almost all ray food diet I'm finally done with crazy-brain nonsense!

My department head wants me to come in an observe her teaching. I'm actually excited about that. She's a super teacher, and I am absolute RUBBISH at teaching writing in a workshop format. It confuses me, I can't help it. Teaching is a really hard profession. You go to college/university learn a bunch of completely useless techniques and lesson plan forms, then get hired, are handed tons of papers and books that other people have used (but lack any real instruction on how to implement these in your classroom) then thrown into a classroom and ignored for months on end. Most of us can swim, but that's not a great method. We've got to figure out a better system of helping new teachers get classrooms with teachers there to help them structure classes together. So a teacher who has taught Gothic Lit for years could work with another teacher, new to the subject, and talk about the development of the course and the goal for the curriculum. I've drunk the coolaid.

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