Monday, February 25, 2013

Good food day

Today's diet:
Tea for breakfast
Apple, 10 baby carrots, 0 fat yogurt for lunch
Bowl of non-fat low calorie cereal with non-fat milk and coffee for dinner
Toast with margarine, orange and tea for snack.

The end.

I won't lie, I'm a little tired, but that's because of crap sleep last night. I was a little wound up over the oscars. I tried to make myself go to bed at 10:30, had to watch my namesake (Anne) get the best supporting. Glad she won, she looked lovely. But I wasn't able to catch any sleep until about 11:30, and getting up at 4AM is rubbish.  I've got to find a closer job. I can't handle this drive.

Anyway, the job goes fine. Had a good day today with the kids. Accidentally told them my diet, which was an over-share. I've got to resist the urge to share information with them. It can really just look wrong to people.

Anyway, back to work. I have to get fixated on work to keep from eating. Also I should really get the feedback on the think pieces back to my seniors. Ugh. I'm tired.

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