Monday, February 18, 2013

Good morning Massachusetts!

Okay, had toast, tea and an apple. Weight 109 (hooray, the right direction)

I'm going to run and yoga in a little while. Then today has to be dedicated to writing a six page paper for my history graduate class. Yeah, I know six pages... my introduction to my thesis was 20! I'm not sure I CAN write something that small...and do a good job. But the teacher, Sean Goodlett, is a genius and broke down the set up of the paper for us, so upstairs to my little writing room I go.

I'm feeling better about the fiasco of Writing Workshop. I think this audience-free blog was a good idea. I don't like to put negative things in my diary. This experiment was a good idea. Also I think that I'm going to change my goal to 105. Only four pounds away.

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