Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello Tuesday!

Woke up very good today.

Okay, exaggeration. I woke up better today. I'm not sad about my life, or terrified about my future or disappointed in my teaching. I woke up okay, and read for a half an hour. I'm about to get into my running attire and hop on that treadmill.

Weight 109! Which is just fine. Four pounds to go, but dammity they are going to be the hardest four pounds I've ever lost!

Made reservations for a wonderfully romantic lunch at Nashoba Valley Winery tomorrow at noon-thirty. Very happy about that. I am married to the most wonderful man in all of the world. He's smart and funny and cute and honest and strong and he loves me. Which is no easy feat, I'm a bundle of crazy. I just hope that I manage to keep my job (which honestly, I'll probably get nothing more than a letter in my folder and an official slap on the wrists...if that!) and to continue to make him happy. I'm going to start really focusing on a job closer to home. Monty Tech would be perfect! It's right down the hill, I could ride my bike to school on the days of fine weather and attend all of those lovely after school sporting events and bring my little tiny dog... in this day dream I have a wonderfully small puppy...named Cheddar. Husband picked out the name, more proof of his utter perfection!

Okay, I'm reading Bless Me, Ultima on the treadmill, got three chapters down and I'm really loving this book!

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