Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscars, chruch and eating food...

Well, tomorrow I return to work. I woke up feeling fine about it. I have a lot of essays to mark up, but nothing that I can't handle...especially since I'm snow bound today. Yup, evidently God thought it would be pretty funny to trick me with the promise of less snow... then BAM! I got up in response of the alarm and saw that instead of the 1-3 inches of non-accumulating snow we were slated to get, 4 inches of very accumulated snow sitting outside my window. Needless to say it is parked on the remaining foot of ice. UGH!

No no church, thank you snow. I can keep my "evil atheist" status... at least for this winter.

The Oscars are tonight. I'm a little excited, I guess... I mean, who really cares? This year has been a little dull for films.  And the films that were entertaining aren't invited to the Oscars, so I have to watch Seth MacFarlane NOT be funny (because he's actually not that funny without his writers and they can't do bits for the show like they do on FOX), and a bunch of movies that I didn't care about win statues that I don't think is filled with chocolate.  I'm a little interested to watch it, but the TV is filled with nothing but babble of the upcoming night and everyone on it is talking like some kind of shaman to predict the winners... all speaking with little to no authority on the subject. Why bet on horses?

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