Monday, February 18, 2013

Dry Eye'll Kill Ya

Spent today on the couch trying to get rid of this headache and entire body ache. I feel pain, I feel sick, I can't see, I can't think. This is the worst. I hate dry-eye. It's seldom a problem but it's gotten worse. In the past I'd only get a case once a year, if twice it was a bad year. This year alone this is my fourth case. I want to talk to my doctor, but my optomotrist keeps telling me these are aural headaches. Since when do headaches cause nausea? Or body-wide pain? I honestly wish I could die. I'm not depressed but the way I feel isn't worth being alive.

On the couch, watching (listening to really) the fifth straight hour of Ultimate Guide to the Presidents.

Oh, good news! I just passed the MTEL History practice test. I'm thinking I should definitely get certified in history so I can be more marketable to other schools. I love teaching at Chaug, but the drive is just so long. I get up at 4am, and arrive home a 5am (on early days!). I'd like to get up at 5, leave the house around 6:15, 6:30 and arrive at 7. But then get home to my husband and cat and make dinner like a wife! I love being married and living in his home, now I just want the life that comes with it. And a dog! I want a big dog! Like an Irish Wolfhound, or a Mastiff, or Marmaduke! That would be fun to see, a 5'1" 105lb girl walking (being walked by) this world's biggest dog. Yup, I like that. Please universe let me work at Monty Tech next year.

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