Sunday, February 17, 2013

Post Workout Check In

Food: none, well water
Exercise: Five mile run (6 point incline); Yoga DVD
Weight: 111 (WTF!)

I'll put up my measurements after a shower, I'm a little gross as I type. So I've managed to gain a few pounds, but in honesty I'm aware that I'm heavy with sweat and my muscles are all taunt from the workout.

Review of that DVD - sucks. This is a ridiculous DVD and I don't care what it advertises, I'm going back to my hippie old lady Yoga DVD tomorrow... or possibly tonight. They have a run through call "Release the day" and I can use that. I teach, and it's stressful. My boss, who is a really good boss, is a terrible communicator and she freaks me out often. I mean, she can call me down to tell me the headlight on my car are on and make it sound like I'm getting fired. I'm certain she's not doing it on purpose but at the same time, how do you not know you have this effect on people?

Anyway, having a good conversation with two work colleagues about the book Bless Me, Ultima. Read it on the treadmill today (side note: do not read on a treadmill unless you have a nook, just don't bother with the book you can't do it) and I got the first three chapters down. It's really good, and I think would make a great read for my students over the summer. But then, the women in my department are the most closed minded judgmental crones you'd never want to meet. So they will probably argue and futz until it's something wretched like Siddhartha, or Are you There God, It's Me Margaret. Yeah, boys will really want to read that.

Anyway off to clean up. I'm yucky. I'll take measurements and weight in again, then report back.

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