Sunday, February 17, 2013

Measurements 5pm

Weight 111lbs
Hips/Bum: 34.5
Arm: 9.5
Thigh: 21
Waist: 24

Not too bad. My goals are 23 inch waist; 34 inch hips and bum; 20 inch thigh; 105 lbs.

I'd like to be 100lbs by my birthday, August 3rd. With a 18inch thigh. I'd really like to have lovely slender legs with thighs that never touch. They don't touch now, but I'd like a nice space between the two. My waist is little, but smaller is always better. My hips and bum are okay. My bum is actually pretty nice, not a flat white-girl bum, but a decent sized bubble. The hips are a little pudgy by my standards. I'd like to get all the flab off and make my hip bones really pop right out. My clavical is very noticeable, my chest is all ribcage and breast plate. My ribs are only noticeable when I raise my arms, but I'd like them to really stick out.

I feel good. I had a little bit of fish and some rich for lunch. So I got a good serving of iron and protein. Also, it's delicious! The rice was carbs and starch, but people don't realize that you need those things, especially if you intend on exercising. No desert.

We went grocery shopping and I got two bags of apples. YUM! I love the apple diet, it's a great diet, you get plenty of natural carbs and sugars and you feel fantastic. I've been eating predominately raw veggies and apples for months and I have to recommend it to anyone.

Okay, let's see if the running happens again tomorrow. My ankle feels terrible. Like there's a little hairline fracture just waiting to crunch and then BAM, no more ankle. Hopefully it's just weak muscles.

Correcting and watching Sherman's March to the Sea on H2. Love this channel and frankly, I actually really love reading and learning about The Civil War, well the American Civil War. It's a fascinating time period.

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