Saturday, February 16, 2013

WTF Barnes and Nobles, honestly, WTF!

Not an update about weight, but I was able to avoid food most of the day. I was in Barnes and Nobles picking out two books for summer reading (Bless Me, Ultima and How Are We Hungry) when I saw this display right next to the classics. It's a collection of slutty drugged out tweenaged dolls that drive cars and perform in some rock band. It's the Monster High Collect and frankly it was a "what the fuck" moment.

Anyway, food update. Started today off terribly, one piece of cold pizza and four bbg chicken bits (quite small). Chased this with four laxatives. Lunch was four pieces of chocolate, gotta get rid of that damned Valentine's day crap. Dinner was two bowls of Kashi cereal. Drinking water and sitting under a lovely hot water bottle.

Should be correcting but can't resist the urge to watch HEATHERS!

Tomorrow is a five mile run, then yoga and much healthier food choices.

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