Monday, August 5, 2013

111 Praise Jesus

Okay, back on track, both figuratively and literally!

I'm running at the track again, and eating right (which means I'm half starving myself and abusing laxatives). And I got myself down to 111.6. Okay, that's a starting point and I can live with it.

I'm also thinking that I tend to lose weight during the school year. So I might dive down to 100 before the Christmas holidays. Hooray to that.

The quilt goes well, and I picked up some nice yarn for blankets. This Christmas is going to be very homemade. Nothing crazy commercial. Nothing too store bought. I want a new journal, and some material for quilting and yarn for knitting. Maybe a few books to sweeten the pot. I'm going to make preservatives and quilts, blankets and breads, scarves and shawls this season. Homemade candies and soups. That's all anyone's getting and I think people would rather get that more than anything else.

Me, I'm getting a bony skinny body from myself. Happy Christmas to me!

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  1. Hi Virginia,
    I hope you are getting help as you have not posted anything on your walls in over a year, but if you haven't please please please don't do this to yourself anymore. And I am not just some other person who has no idea what your going through because believe me I know what it's like to want to be as skinny as possible and to look in the mirror and feel elated whenever I seem to have lost a little bit more, but after a while your body just can't take it anymore. It has to eat. And if you haven't gotten help yet I beg that you do because you will be so much happier and healthier. And eventually you will be able to look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman who is perfect the way she is and who does not need to lose any more weight.